I really look forward to helping you design your dream home. Even if you have an exact plan of everything you want, the design center can be very overwhelming for anyone. You have lots of decisions to make in a short time and one decision can change or affect the next. You might realize the dream floor you had to have isn’t even available or the price was just too high. I will be there as another set of eyes and to help guide you.

Things to keep in mind before your design appointment. Not all design centers are the same, but this has been my experience at design centers.
-Your choices are limited. Sadly, they have chosen from anywhere from a few choices to maybe a dozen in each category. Something you really had your heart set on, such as marble countertops might not even be an option.
-Prices aren’t displayed. You choose items and then you find out the price. I have found it best to choose exactly what you want and then change if you find the price is too high.
-Create a list of what is most important. If you have to have those solid hardwoods but don’t care about getting an accent tile back-splash. It helps when making devisions to know what is the most important.

If you could take a few minutes to fill this out at least 24 hours before your design center appointment so I can be prepared in what your expectations are.

Design Center Questionnaire