We knew from the first day we decided to build a new home that we wanted Lauren’s design touch in it. The best decision we made was to take her to the design center to guide us in making the fundamental choices (brick, stone, cabinets, wood flooring, paint colors, carpet). You would think that would be easy, but when you are faced with that many huge decisions in such a small window of time, it’s easy to get it wrong. Having a professional eye that you trust is critical.

Lauren has walked us through everything from the beginning to lighting, staging, curtains, rugs, accessories and so on. I can’t count the times I text or FaceTimed Lauren to say “what do you think”? “Yes or no”. If she says “no” we trust her, we’ve seen the results of listening to her advice. Don’t get me wrong, she takes into account our style and taste and stears us in the right direction based on that.

I always thought it would be too expensive to have an Interior Designer but Lauren has a business plan to get around that. She is merely the professional opinion and allows you to contract or DIY.

Lauren Sewalt

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